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Domestic Airfreight Services

  • Overnight, second day or deferred freight shipments
  • Domestic Same Day air service
  • Local freight delivery
  • Warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment
  • Merge and deliver / Consolidation and shipment

Airfreight Delivery

  • When shipping overnight , second day or deferred freight, please call On The Go Cargo for pricing information
  • Contact On The Go Cargo, Inc. for rates for any size shipment to any city in the world. Whether it's around the corner or around the globe we can get it there for you.
  • Our policy of direct service will work to your advantage every time. Direct service means that regardless of your inquiry you will speak directly with a customer service representative with access to real time information on any shipment.
  • On The Go Cargo provides large company competitive pricing while providing small company direct service to our clients.
  • This linked with the versatility to upgrade your shipment from a local van or truck delivery, to an air shipment, ranging from sameday to second day service with just a phone call., demonstrates the flexibility that is our trademark.

Domestic Freight Formula

(For Calculating Dimensional Weight / Chargeable Weight)

Lightweight bulky packages are "weighed" by their dimensions in order to take size into account. Dimensional weight, also called "dim" weight, is used because the space a package takes on an aircraft may cost more than the package's weight. You should calculate dimensional weight on every shipment, compare that to its actual weight and use the greater of those two to determine your shipping cost. International and domestic weight are calculated differently. Refer to formula.

Determining dimensional weight

illustration of a box and calculating dimensional weight

Domestic Formula
Dimensional Weight = L x W X H
(cubic inches) / 194

* Round each dimension up to the nearest inch and the total weight up to the nearest pound.

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